Nasi Lemak & Fitness 104: “Clean” vs Calories

After a journey through 101, 102, and 103, you should have this concept tattooed on your forearm ingrained in mind: Calorie is King Over and over again, research (and research and research) has proven the importance being in a caloric deficit to lose weight. To lose weight, eat below what you expend. To gain weight, eat more than what you … Continue reading Nasi Lemak & Fitness 104: “Clean” vs Calories

2017 Resolutions: Bulletproofed

Disclaimer: I wrote this back in December 2015. My views on goal setting hasn't changed much, but it definitely expanded. I left the first half of this post minimally edited, with a 2016 addendum. Let’s take a feels trip back to January, the month where calendar planners hit record sales, a zillion people make resolutions, 99% … Continue reading 2017 Resolutions: Bulletproofed