1. Bsc (Hons) Psychology (Lancaster University)
  2. Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)
  3. Corrective Exercise Specialist
  4. Suspended Functional Training PT
  5. Kettlebell Performance Training PT
  6. Basic Life Support Certified

Corporate Talks

  1. Transform your Body with A Trainer (Canopy Club, Setia Eco Park, March 2015)
  2. Unveil your True Color (Elken, July 2015)
  3. Demystify The Body (Ernst & Young HQ, October 2016)
  4. Change Your Posture, Change Your Life (Fairview International School, November 2016)
  5. Change Your Posture, Change Your Life (Gardens International School, March 2017)
  6. Are You Dodgeball Ready? (May 2017)