How to Diet like a “Tau Keh”

I write for myself, and for people needing help. But today, I'm writing for a select few who seem to have everything right in the world: recognition, wealth, influence- The "Tau Keh"s of the world. (I use the broad term "Tau Keh" to encompass individuals holding high positions in a company: CEOs, directors, senior managers, chairpersons, owners etc) The "Struggle" … Continue reading How to Diet like a “Tau Keh”

Nasi Lemak & Fitness 104: “Clean” vs Calories

After a journey through 101, 102, and 103, you should have this concept tattooed on your forearm ingrained in mind: Calorie is King Over and over again, research (and research and research) has proven the importance being in a caloric deficit to lose weight. To lose weight, eat below what you expend. To gain weight, eat more than what you … Continue reading Nasi Lemak & Fitness 104: “Clean” vs Calories