Nasi Lemak & Fitness 104: “Clean” vs Calories

After a journey through 101, 102, and 103, you should have this concept tattooed on your forearm ingrained in mind: Calorie is King Over and over again, research (and research and research) has proven the importance being in a caloric deficit to lose weight. To lose weight, eat below what you expend. To gain weight, eat more than what you … Continue reading Nasi Lemak & Fitness 104: “Clean” vs Calories

2017 Resolutions: Bulletproofed

Disclaimer: I wrote this back in December 2015. My views on goal setting hasn't changed much, but it definitely expanded. I left the first half of this post minimally edited, with a 2016 addendum. Let’s take a feels trip back to January, the month where calendar planners hit record sales, a zillion people make resolutions, 99% … Continue reading 2017 Resolutions: Bulletproofed

Nasi Lemak and Fitness 103: Estimating Calories

In 101, we covered the flaws of calorie counting. In 102,we calculated the protein and calories you need to be eating. In 103, we'll set sail on the journey to mastering the mystifying art of calorie counting. Let's go, young padawan 3 Steps To Caloric Estimating Mastery Prelude: List List the food that you eat most frequently. Break the … Continue reading Nasi Lemak and Fitness 103: Estimating Calories