1 to 1 Personal Training


Over 9 years in the industry, I’ve seen countless fitness hypes fads come and go. The tried, tested and scientifically backed methods remain unswayed. Sadly, they don’t receive mainstream attention.

My goal as a trainer is not to count your reps or “punish” you till you can barely walk, I wish to empower you with the greatest gift of all – Knowledge.

Knowledge – your compass to take charge of your fitness, for life.

I believe everyone should approach training and nutrition differently. We lead very different lives, and the details matter. I put my heart and soul to design a training program to fit not only clients’ unique body types, but their distinct lifestyles.

Through my training,  I aim to equip you with the necessities to be independent in not just managing your fitness, but other aspects of your life that improves your well-being.

My clients range from athletes, to post-partum mothers, to patients recovering from major injuries. My work experience in a Chiropractic center provided a deep insight to spinal protection, a major, yet neglected component in health care.

Diet Consultation

I’m not a registered nutritionist, thus, a disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions that require medical intervention and dietary supervision from a registered nutritionist, please seek relevant expertise.

My diet consultation aims to help you achieve 1 of 3 goals:-

  1. Fat loss
  2. Muscle Gain
  3. Body Re-composition (Muscle gain and Fat Loss)

by including foods that suit your lifestyle, convenience and personal liking. I believe that diet should encompass, not exclude the food that we are surrounded with- thus, The Malaysian Body.

Speaking Services

Speaking came rather…  serendipitous to me.

My “past life” as a model brought me upon stages, where I realized my inherent lack of speaking capability.

Many red faces and buckets of sweat later, I dedicated time to work on improving my enunciation, flow of thought, body language to better deliver my point on stage.

These days, while it’s an entirely different stage, the skills I’ve learnt remain useful.

Past clients include: EcoWorld, Ernst & Young, Elken, Fairview International School, Gardens International School, SP Setia, PPKM, 8TV.


  1. The fundamentals of muscle gain and fat loss – as simple as ABC
  2. The Ultimate Fat Loss Diet – Nasi Lemak Included
  3. How to train hard, long and pain free

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